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The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) was formed in 1995 by several major US satellite companies as a forum to discuss issues and develop industry-wide positions on shared business, regulatory and policy interests.

SIA grew out of the Satellite Super Skyway Coalition, a voluntary alliance of major satellite players, galvanized into action in early 1993 when the U.S. Government began advancing the idea of a Global Information Infrastructure (GII). The success of the coalition in defining the role of satellites in the GII strengthened ties between major industry players and sowed the seeds for what today is the Satellite Industry Association.

Since that time, SIA has developed into a full service 501(c) (6) trade association representing the commercial satellite industry. SIA has established active working groups involved with a host of policy issues including: regulatory issues (satellite licensing, spectrum allocation and regulatory policy); government services, public safety, export control policy, and international trade issues. SIA is now a recognized focal point for the U.S. satellite industry in Washington, D.C., representing and advocating industry positions with key policy makers on Capitol Hill and with the White House, Federal Communication Commission and most Executive Branch departments and agencies.

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