SIA Board of Directors 2019


Stacy Fuller
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Raquel Noriega
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Audrey Allison
Director, Frequency Management
Marc Johansen
Vice President, Satellites and Intelligence Programs
Jennifer Manner
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Kim Baum
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Susan Crandall (SIA Board Vice Chair)
Associate General Counsel
Ross Vincenti
Associate General Counsel
Maureen McLaughlin 
Vice President of Public Policy
Kathryn Martin
Director, Access Partnership (for Iridium)
Stuart Daughtridge (SIA Treasurer)
Executive Vice President & General Manager, Products
Kuiper Systems, LLC Julie Zoller
Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Project Kuiper
Mariah Shuman
Corporate Counsel, Project Kuiper
Valerie Green
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
Ashley Durmer
Senior VP, Gov. Relations & Public Affairs
Jennifer Warren
Vice President, Technology Policy & Regulation, Washington Operations
Mark Webber
Director, International Trade Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs 
Mariah Shuman
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs
Marc Dupuis
Policy Director
Gerry Oberst
Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory & Governmental Strategy
Nancy Eskenazi
Vice President, Global Regulatory
Patricia Cooper
Vice President of Satellite Government Affairs
David Goldman
Director of Satellite Policy
Ananda Martin
General Counsel
Bruce Cathell (SIA Board Chairman)
Vice President, Government Operations
Richard (Ric) VanderMeulen
Vice President, Satcom Systems


SIA Working Group Co-Chairs for 2019

Earth Observation Working Group Mike Mineiro
HawkEye 360
Jamieson Hawkins
Lockheed Martin
Export Working Group Kirsten Shumway
Government Working Group Earl Madison
Lockheed Martin
Tom Boyer
Legislative Working Group Gwendolyn Brown
Lockheed Martin
Todd Putnam
Regulatory Working Group Giselle Creeser
Petra Vorwig
Space Safety Working Group Jennifer Warren
Lockheed Martin
Jennifer Manner

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