SIA Applauds President Trump’s Space Policy

SIA Applauds President’s Plan to Reform and Modernize America’s Commercial Space Policy

Washington, D.C., May 24, 2018

The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) today applauded the release of President Trump’s Space Policy Directive-2 which reforms the U.S. commercial space regulatory framework and helps ensure America’s place as a leader in space commerce.  The Directive is based on the second batch of recommendations made to the President by the National Space Council earlier this year.

According to a White House release, the Directive “sets executive branch policy to ensure that government regulations adopted and enforced promote economic growth; minimize uncertainty for taxpayers, investors, and private industry; protect national security, public-safety, and foreign policy interests; and encourage American leadership in space commerce.”

“SIA is delighted with the President’s recognition of the importance of the commercial space business and we applaud his policy Directive that encourages the continued growth and leadership of America’s commercial satellite industry,” said Tom Stroup, President of SIA.  “The Directive also acknowledges the tremendous industry transformation that is currently underway and we are encouraged by the mandate to reform and modernize the Federal regulatory framework that governs the industry.”

“SIA is also strongly encouraged that Federal Agencies are being directed to present a report on improving global competitiveness of United States space radio frequency spectrum policies, regulation, and activities at the International Telecommunication Union and other multilateral forums.”

In late 2017, the President signed Space Policy Directive – 1, instructing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to return American astronauts to the Moon, followed by human missions to Mars.  Space Policy Directive – 2 is based on the second batch of recommendations made to the President by the National Space Council earlier this year.

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